From Our Pastor


On behalf of Harmony Baptist Church of Dawsonville, GA, thank you for visiting our website. Our website is an online window into the life of our church, as well as an online tool for our congregation. We are a church that is committed to following Jesus Christ and sharing His good news with our community and our world in word and deed. At Harmony Baptist, we have a diverse congregation committed to the Baptist tradition, valuing the work of the Holy Spirit in each one of our lives, as well as bringing us together for worship, discipleship, and mission. As a church, our vision is to provide an environment in which we all may find and follow Jesus Christ.
When people think of church they tend to think about little
white/brick buildings with steeples, stained glass windows, and a
steeple planted in the nearby cemetery. Most miss the fact that the
building isn’t what makes it a church. It’s the families on the inside that
gather on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights of each week that
make it a church. Church is about depending on one another and being available to share the burdens of life with each other. The ones you worship with
becomes the ones you labor with as well. Here at Harmony, we have a
unique way of loving people. We love like Jesus would love…unconditionally.
When you look upon the walls of the sanctuary you won’t find any
pictures hanging to interpret the spirit and try and make you feel warm
and fuzzy. You must look on the faces that fill the pews and you will see
love flowing from one to another. You will see babies being passed
from mom to mom. Husbands worshiping with their families. Wives and
children praying and singing with their friends and family. `
Harmony is a special place with some very special people. I am
blessed to serve as their Pastor, but even more to be a member here
with my family.
We have a place for you. We invite you to come and grow with us, worship with us, and serve with us!
Tony Holtzclaw